5 Alternatives to Sweatpants

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “sweatpants are a sign of defeat”. If you find yourself in a slump, always running late or just used to the old sweatpants and yoga pants with whatever-tee-you-find ensemble here are 5 ways to get dressed without getting overly dressed.

1) Worn in Jeans These are your tried and true blues that you have probably had forever. If you don’t have a pair, go find one or two! Goodwill is a perfect place to get a few pair of worn in jeans. Just check them for holes or other cosmetic flaws that you might not want. Pair them with a comfy tee and you’re set to go. NO fuss.

2) Oversized Cardigan A nice, soft, cozy oversized cardigan can give you that warm fuzzy feeling your sweatpants give you except you can be seen in public without any embarrassment. A plain colored tee underneath this or even dare to be bold and wear a patterned tee underneath.

3) Jeggings. Yes, jeggings. If you prefer, like me, you can wear skinny jeans that slip on– Ive found them at Forever21 and Target. Either way they are easy on, easy off just like sweats. You can wear an oversized sweater, a long vest and tee combo or sometimes even a tunic top or dress depending on the style and cut you get.

my fav skinny jeans with a hi/low top

4) Maxi Skirt They are so in style right now and can give you that forgiving stretch like your sweats do. Again, worn with a simple blouse or tee and you are ready to face the world with some style and a smile because you aren’t a hot mess.

5) A Dress From maxi to mini a dress is a simple and sophisticated look that doesn’t take much effort. Just slip it on and put on some heels or flats and you’re out the door. You have no excuse here; mazi dresses flatter everyone! Go out and grab a few.

can you tell what I'm happiest in?! lol

An easy way to take it up a notch– grab some earrings, a bracelet or a fun scarf or trendy knit hat and you are even that much more stylish and posh.

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